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Welcome to my blog. I’m Mohammad Mortada; a digital marketing expert in Beirut, Lebanon.

I made this blog as a part of a bigger plan; that is teaching you skills that help you achieve tangible results. After getting four university degrees, I learned that traditional university education is not enough. It provides a solid foundation, yet the curriculum is not practical to prepare you for the real world.

This is where I come in.

I will be routinely sharing PRACTICAL content to help you set up your own business and make money online without the need to find a job.

How do you start?

To start the journey of entrepreneurship, you should first calibrate your brain to a new lifestyle that will help you endure the long journey. Profits will come slowly but surely to those who last the longest.

To get started, I recommend you download my e-book and read The Lifestyle of a Digital Ninja.

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About Mohammad Mortada

Mohammad Mortada is an aspiring entrepreneur, certified digital marketing expert, university instructor, and graphic designer residing in Beirut, Lebanon. He has been a designer since 2004, a marketing consultant and university instructor since 2011. He specializes in corporate communications and branding, where he helps organizations achieve business goals through innovative integrated marketing strategies.

Mr. Mortada holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing, masters of business administration (emphasis on business management), teaching diploma in education, and a masters degree in educational leadership and management.

You can contact him via his listed contacts and social networks for marketing consultancy, digital marketing and social media strategy, branding or rebranding, increasing sales or exposure, and any matter that falls between marketing and communications.


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Hootsuite certified professional    Google Analytics Certified    WSI We Simplify the Internet


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