The Lifestyle of a Digital Ninja

The Lifestyle of a Digital Ninja

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Have you ever thought of what it takes to live the lifestyle of a digital ninja? Let me tell you what I mean; I chose the rank of ninja as a tribute to their discipline and stealth. That’s right, being a digital ninja requires endless hours of keyboard tapping in order to manage your workload; discipline helps you stay focused and stealth means that you would sacrifice your public appearance in order to focus on creating content.

The journey of entrepreneurship is a long one, but it pays in the long term. Ever since I read The 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris, the idea of freeing myself from the desk job kept haunting me, and I finally took the initiative to start building my digital empire. Once this empire grows to the extent that it can self-sustain, I will be able to travel the world and work from any place across the globe. The blog you are reading right now is the first of the assets I’m working on, and I’m just getting started. But before I embarked on this commitment, I knew I had to evaluate my current lifestyle and get rid of some limitations.

If you want a ticket for this ride, here are three simple steps to consider.

1. Set Your Priorities Straight

Before you’re able to go globetrotting and working abroad, you need to see if this lifestyle is really for you. The best way to figure out whether you belong to this culture is by simply writing down what you value most in life. This is an actual exercise for you, so go grab a pen and piece of paper. Write down what you value. Do you value safety, love, family, stability, adventure, money, security… Now, Pick the most important three from the list you just wrote.

Done? Great! Read on.

Here’s the deal, if your list has security, stability, or safety; then the digital ninja lifestyle is not really for you. Why is that you say? Well, even if “money” and “adventure” made it to your list, it’s hard to really prioritize them while being worried about security and financial stability.

If you’ve read the book Awaken the Giant Within, by Tony Robbins (a must-read), you would immediately understand that it is almost impossible to prioritize safety and security while prioritizing money. This is because earning money online is a journey that holds great risk and it will be hard to do if you prioritize safety. If you really want the digital ninja lifestyle, the number one value on your priority list should be FREEDOOOOMMMMM! *shouting it out like William Wallace from the Braveheart movie*.

This is my ultimate drive. I have a full-time and a part-time job, and I decided to stop saving money. Instead, I will be pouring every dollar into leveraging this business. Losing my money on this journey doesn’t scare me now that I’m in the right mindset. The only thing that scares me is living in regret of not trying.

2. Find Your Muse

Tim Ferris used the term muse in his book, and he was referring to anything you create online to help you make money. This can be blogging, vlogging, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, drop shipping, cryptocurrency investment, or any online business. You need to make sure you have a steady cash flow coming in from multiple income streams before you are free to travel the world. You also need to scale your online business and hire a team to keep it running while you only do the 20% important work and let them handle the rest. The ultimate goal is not leaving your desk job to find yourself enslaved by your own online business. Remember that training and hiring the best team will be the key to your FREEDOM.

3. Adopt a Minimalistic Lifestyle

I’ve always been a fan of Japanese minimalism. They choose a lifestyle that drops the mental, physical, and emotional burden off your back by keeping a simple life. They don’t collect unnecessary items and excessive clothing. Here are examples of what you can do:

  • Cancel your Netflix subscription; It’s your couch prison, and your comfort zone is your enemy.
  • If you’re leasing a car, get out of it. It’s a liability that sucks up money you can be investing.
  • Put a limit on your outings. You can be making a video, writing a new blog post, or doing whatever feeds your business.

Your brain functions like a computer, and your focus is a scarce resource. You have enough worries and distractions in your daily life as it is. Whatever is pulling your focus should be eliminated so you can focus your time and energy on building your business.

In the life of the digital ninja, all you need is your laptop and an internet connection. Imagine how your life would be in a year or two; boarding that plane with only the backpack and no attachments left to worry about. I’m slowly but surely working on this new lifestyle. The less materialistic stuff you got to worry about, the more focus you will get to build your online empire and live your life of FREEDOM.

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