Mohammad Mortada

About Me

I’m a digital marketer and a university instructor. I’m obsessed with learning about tools and strategies that make us better all around. This small corner of the web is where I document my journey and learning – it’s my second brain.

What I’m working on (Business)

  1. ???? I teach at the Lebanese International University. Topics vary between marketing, educational technology, and graphic design.
  2. ???? I also manage the university’s digital marketing (approaching 10 years ????)
  3. ???? Building my own marketing agency (website under reconstruction).
  4. ???? Starting a YouTube channel to make videos about studying, productivity, lifestyle, and tech.
  5. ???? Writing The Hearty Newsletter, It’s a weekly email with where I share ideas I’ve been thinking about, motivational quote images, and links to interesting videos, books, or articles that resonate with me – and hopefully, you would get some value out of them.
  6. ✏️ On this blog, I write about productivity, entrepreneurship, spirituality, lifestyle, tech, and more. I’m also starting a section called ???? Book Notes where I will summarize every good book I read (wish I had thought of this one before reading a hundred books ????)

Other Stuff

  • ???? I sometimes go live on my Facebook or Instagram to teach and discuss interesting topics that come across (check this old episode)
  • ???? Since COVID-19, I quit the gym and switched to calisthenics (bodyweight training). I’ll share the results in the Health section.
  • ???? Writing a book (I will share more on this one later).
  • ???? Other secret projects to be revealed later.

Get in Touch

  • ???? Message: If you have a short question that I can reply to with a sentence of voice note, hit me on Facebook Messenger or Instagram and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.
  • ???? Email: If it’s a longer issue that might require me to write a long text or send some resources or a request for training or coaching, email me.
  • ☕ In-person: (on hold due to COVID) I love meeting new people in real life. So here’s a standing offer – If you’re in Beirut, I’ll buy you tea, no strings attached. I’m generally available most weekday afternoons between 5 and 8. Drop me an email and include [Tea] in the subject line, and we’ll fix something.